The Journey

Math Journeys LogoSo many wonderful things can happen in a math classroom between the time a question is asked and moment it is answered. We want our work to impact teachers in a way that helps students take their time to enjoy all the thinking and reasoning that can take place between the questions and the answers.

Though the correct answer is valued in mathematics, the journey that leads to the answer is full of opportunities for students to examine, analyze, communicate, & evaluate their thinking. Teachers posing the right questions and designing learning experiences that promote problem solving & critical thinking can enrich this journey.

We enjoy sharing practical strategies that increase the use of communication, problem-solving, reasoning, and technology to deepen students’ understanding of math concepts. If you are a teacher in grades K-5, an elementary or middle school math coach or building administrator, then Math Journeys is here for you.

We are dedicated to enhancing mathematics instruction in classrooms across the state of Virginia. We focus on the NCTM standards as applied to the learning objectives in your school division.

If you enjoy Online Learning and collaborating with other teachers and math coaches to grow in your knowledge of math content and teaching strategies, check out our Virtual Booktalks.

Gwendolyn Best, lead professional learning designer, has more than 20 years of experience in education. Though she was trained as an elementary teacher, she started her career as a middle school math teacher because her graduate studies in Mathematics Education ignited a passion for teaching math. She plans and facilitates sessions that actively involve participants and equip them with a deeper understanding of content and practical engaging strategies.

Her experience as a technology integrator (ITRT) also ignited a passion for sharing how math journeys can be more meaningful for students when technology is a part of the equation. Between 2008 and 2013, she gained valuable experience coaching teachers and spending time in classrooms with students as she fulfilled her duties as the only employee in her school division whose position was devoted to elementary mathematics. She currently works to impact all subject areas as an instructional coach with Isle of Wight County Schools.

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