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1. Teacher Workshops & Trainings
2. Embedded Professional Development
3. Virtual Booktalks

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Let us work with you to design a plan of support that empowers your students to partner with you on their math journeys. We understand the importance of students’ active involvement in math lessons. With students at the heart of all we do, we emphasize careful planning, intentional questioning, and feedback that moves students forward.

We help you accomplish your staff development goals by:
a. Facilitating one of our Math Journeys workshops at your school.
b. Introducing and supporting implementation of Guided Math (based on the book by Laney Sammons).
c. Observing teachers, then providing feedback and support to enhance math instruction.
d. Designing and delivering training by math strand or reporting category for a group of K-2 or 3-5 teachers.

e. Analyzing data & assisting in the development of goals within grade levels and among vertical teams.
f. Working with administrators and teams of teachers to impact mathematics teaching and learning.
g. Training teachers on the infusion of the NCTM Process Standards (problem solving, mathematical communication, mathematical reasoning & proof, connections, and representations)

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