Process Standards

We believe that student-centered math lessons are designed to include and promote the NCTM process standards. Read more at the NCTM site.

Communication: having students share their own mathematical thinking and benefit from the mathematical thinking of others; ideas are communicated through various means, including speaking, writing, drawing, and the use of manipulatives

Representation: helping students explore and understand the various ways that mathematical ideas are represented, including words, symbolic expressions, and graphical displays; allowing and encouraging students to use various appropriate representations to express their mathematical ideas

Connections: allowing and encouraging students to recognize and explore the interrelatedness of mathematical ideas, the connections between mathematics and other subjects, and the relevance of mathematics to their everyday lives

Problem Solving: having students grapple with tasks that require them to draw on prior knowledge, employ varied strategies, and develop new mathematical understanding; such tasks are thoughtfully selected, presented, and debriefed so that students develop positive learning traits such as persistence, curiosity, and confidence

Reasoning and Proof: having students make conjectures and develop ideas; allowing and encouraging students to explain, clarify, justify, defend, and revise their thinking