The Principal’s Role in Mathematics Education: Instructional Leadership That Adds Up

This session is designed to equip instructional leaders with tools to support and improve mathematics education in their schools. We will explore a variety of topics and explore several resources and strategies to support teachers, inspire students, and make meaningful home-school connections.
This training is intended for leaders who want to impact and inspire their students and teachers. You will leave with a wealth of information, strategies, and tools that you can use for years to come. Participants will explore some of the best books, web resources, and publications that can be used to support continuous improvement in the teaching and learning of mathematics.
Topics Include:
• NCTM Standards and the Virginia Curriculum Framework
• Lesson Planning and Lesson Study as Professional Development
• Supporting the Struggling Teacher—Easy, Systematic, Truly Supportive Strategies
• Differentiation, brain-compatible strategies, homework, family involvement, professional learning communities, and technology and their potential to make a positive impact on math education.

Computation, Cognition, & Concrete Materials

Strategies for coaching cognition are a must for any math teacher who wants students to be able to handle computation, develop and use number sense, and face multi-step word problems with confidence. Using manipulatives as a starting point, teachers can design learning experiences that build a rock solid foundation of deep conceptual understanding on which a tower of math skills can be built. The concrete-representational-abstract approach will be modeled in this session as participants explore a variety of computational strategies and practical problems involving whole numbers, decimals, & fractions.
Computation games for teacher-led small-group activities will be played during the session.

Word Problems…No Problem!

We’ve done the research and want to help you put it into practice with your students. From word problem fun on the first day of school to collaborative projects to end the year and everything in between, leave this training with a wealth of ideas that will spark even more ideas as you work with your students. The first part of this session will involve hands-on activities that help students see the math and reinforce the concepts of the four basic operations. We will explore single-step and multi-step problems involving whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. A portion of this training is held in a computer lab and will give participants a chance to explore internet resources that support our session objective.

Math Clicks!: Using Internet tools & Games to Build Understanding

This workshop–a guided tour around the Internet designed for 1 or 2 grade levels– is held in a computer lab. Participants will explore interactive tools that support our state objectives and make math come to life for students. As participants enjoy their Interactive Math Journey, the tour guide will point out suggested activities for:
• Facilitating Small Group or Guided Math Stations
• Introducing New Concepts During Whole Group Instruction
• Conducting Your Own Guided Tours in a Computer Lab or with Laptops in your Classroom
• Creating Effective Family-Friendly Homework Assignments
• Documenting what Students Accomplish As They Use the Interactive Sites


Attend this hands-on session to dive into the newly adopted Virginia Standard using manipulatives and our customized Teacher-led slideshows. Our slideshows provide an organized format for your math lessons and give you more freedom to circulate your classroom, pose thought-provoking questions, and monitor your students as they demonstrate their understanding. During this workshop, lessons are demonstrated to show how easy it is to infuse reasoning, representations, communication, and connections. All slideshows used in the session are web-based and will be available after the session for use in your classroom